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is the share of VIZ-Steel in the Russian production of grain oriented electrical steel
61 %

VIZ Steel is the leading global and biggest Russian producer of grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES), a product with high added value.

The company was founded in 1998 on the basis of Upper Iset plant, one of the oldest Russian enterprises of ferrous metallurgy, through separation of the cold rolling shop from the plant complex. Starting from 2006 VIZ Steel has been a part of NLMK Group; one of the biggest global steel producers, and currently, together with a similar production facility in Lipetsk, controls 100% of GOES production in Russia.

products are exported to 33 countries

Over 89% of VIZ Steel products are considered premium metal with improved consumer properties.

Market positions in 2019

  • 5,7% – VIZ Steel's share in global GOES production
  • 61% – VIZ Steel's share in Russian GOES production
  • 153 kt of grain-oriented electrical steel produced per year

VIZ Steel actively participates in the investment process, implements a large-scale technical upgrade programme, strives to comply with the highest standards in the field of ecology and energy saving. The Company creates safe working environment through process improvements, professional training for its employees and application of the best global standards in occupational health and safety.

  • 153,7 KT
    Steel Production
  • 1307
  • 751,1  М rub.
    invested in occupational safety
  • 193  М rub.
    invested in environmental activities