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Vocational training is carried out in accordance with the license and the Procedure for the organization and implementation of educational activities on the main programs of vocational training № 28395 from 15.05.2013 (approved by the Order of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation from 18.04.2013 № 292).  

Training in working professions

Programs of professional training and advanced training of workers allow students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities determined by the requirements of the ETCS, necessary for work in the profession in the enterprise.

Training is carried out at the expense of LLC "VIZ-Steel".

Training is conducted continuously throughout the year in accordance with the approved calendar of training schedules, which are drawn up taking into account the needs of structural units in closing vacancies in working professions.

Language of instruction Russian.

Training takes place in full-time or part-time (with a partial separation from production) forms.

The training program includes:

- Theoretical training in the form of lectures, industrial excursions, practical and laboratory classes, etc. the Duration of training is from 1 to 2.5 months.

- Industrial training is carried out directly in the workplace. Duration of training - from 1 to 3.5 months 

Students who have successfully passed the qualification exam, receive a Certificate of assignment of the working profession and/or qualification category.

Program apprenticeship

  • Pilot plant apparatchik
  • Electrolysis apparatchik
  • Air separation apparatchik
  • Conversion apparatchik
  • Cold rolling mill roller
  • Inspector in the production of ferrous metals
  • Chemical analysis laboratory assistant
  • Laboratory assistant on physical and chemical tests
  • Machinist of pumping units
  • The machinist of compressor installations
  • Control station operator
  • Cold metal cutter
  • Locksmith for instrumentation and automation
  • Mechanic-repairman
  • Slinger
  • Treater
  • Rolled and pipe thermist
  • Grinder
  • Metal stacker
  • Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Electrician for repair of equipment, relay protection and automation
  • Electrician for testing and measurements
  • Electrical fitter for repair of switchgear equipment
  • Electrician for maintenance of Converter devices
  • Additional professional programs

Programs of additional professional education provide development of competences for professional activity, improvement of qualification level within the existing profession and position.

Programs are developed on the basis of normative documents of Rostekhnadzor, EMERCOM of Russia, Ministry of labor and social protection of the Russian Federation, other state bodies.

Training is carried out at the expense of LLC "VIZ-Steel".

Training takes place on full-time, part-time (with a partial separation from production) forms and in the mode of self-training.

The duration of training ranges from 20 to 130 hours.

Language of instruction Russian.

Students who have successfully passed the final qualification, receive a Certificate.

Programs of additional professional education

  • Fitter for maintenance and repair of cranes
  • Electrician for maintenance and repair of electrical equipment of hoisting machines