22 August 2017

Viz-Steel continues renovation of the crane equipment fleet

VIZ-Steel (NLMK Group) will install new crane equipment at the Cold Rolling Shop, the company closed agreement with one of the machine building plants.  
Overhead crane with pivoting end truck belongs to the last generation of crane equipment, and has significantly improved performance parameters as compared to the previous generation.    The increased lifting capacity (from 20 to 22 tn) will ensure weight transportation growth by 10%.  

Energy-saving technologies within the equipment software ensure 20% power energy savings. Application of the up-to-date technical solutions in the facility ensures increasing of the weight displacement speed and improving of crane operators labour conditions.

The new facility shall replace the existing crane mechanism that reached the end of its lifetime. New equipment is to be delivered to the plant in November, 2017.  Putting the overhead crane in operation is scheduled for December, 2017. The project investments amounted to about RUB 33 million.
“The project is being implemented within the frames of the comprehensive program aimed at replacing the obsolete lifting equipment. Viz-Steel replaced 6 overhead cranes within the decade that amounts to 10% of the company crane fleet.  The total funding amount of the lifting and transportation devices renovation to date exceeds RUB 200 mln.”, said Alexandr Sergeev, the Head of Project Management Department.