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17 September 2019

VIZ-Steel increases stability of gas supply to its operations

VIZ-Steel (part of NLMK Group), the world’s leading maker of grain-oriented steel, has begun hot-testing new measuring instruments and controls at the gas mixing station, which supplies industrial gases to the company’s cold rolling shop.

Every hour the station generates over 8,000 m2 of protective nitrogen. It is used at all stages of the heat treatment of steel, which imparts unique magnetic properties to grain-oriented steel.

The project involved replacing the controls compartments, power supply units and automated process control units, instrumentation and controls systems etc. The replacement will help improve reliability and performance of the system that supplies gas to the company’s operations by eliminating the risk of unscheduled downtime and upping the level of process automation.

The completion of hot tests and the start of commercial operation of the new equipment at the gas mixing station are scheduled for October 2019. VIZ-Steel allocated over ₽11m for this project.