16 August 2017

Viz-Steel Provides Financing to Social Programmes

Viz-Steel allocated over RUB 19.4 million to social programmes in H1, 2017.

The key directions of the company Social Policy are ensuring comfortable and safe labour conditions, medical care quality improving, health care for the employees and their family members, sport and cultural events, assistance to veterans.

In 2017 about RUB 5.4 mln. is allocated to benefit payments, additional payments under the collective agreement, rewards to honour professional holiday, arranging of sport and entertainment events.
Over RUB 13 mln. is allocated for overalls, personal protection equipment, medical care, medical examinations, health resort treatment, holiday packages for the employees and their family members.

Over 1 mln. was allocated to fund social assistance to the plant veterans.

“Taking care of the personnel is one of the priorities of Viz-Steel Social Policy. Efficiency of all company divisions depends on emotional comfort and positive mindset of the staff. Thus, major efforts of the company with regards to the social sphere are aimed at creating favourable labour conditions and comprehensive support of the employees family members”, said Oleg Ischenko, the Head of HR Department.