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20 years
of charity work

VIZ-Steel provides free assistance to orphanages, low-income families, veterans, retirees and handicapped people both via a public fund and directly.

VIZ-Steel values highly the contribution of former employees into the development of the company.

The enterprise is constantly working with veterans, assists them, provides organizational and financial support to the council of veterans and the public fund "VIZ veteran".

VIZ-Steel pays significant attention to the maintenance of objects of culture associated with the three-century history of the Verkh-Isetskiy plant and the city of Yekaterinburg.

The enterprise regularly provides material and technical support to the administration of the Verkh-Isetskiy district for the beautification of the memorial complex in the memory of district inhabitants, workers and employees of the Verkh-Isetskiy plant deceased during the World War II. The company contributed to the restoration of the orthodox Dormitory Cathedral, founded in the 18th century for the employees of the Verkh-Isetskiy plant.

The development of physical culture and sports is an important element of the VIZ-Steel's social policy.

The company employees are provided with all facilities for sports and fitness. Annual corporate sports day among the teams of the departments and branches in 12 types of athletic activities takes place at the enterprise.

VIZ-Steel permanently implements the long-term program of social support for children without parental care.

The company provides systematic financial and organizational support in solving the current problems of the sponsored Yekaterinburg special (corrective) orphanage for children with developmental disabilities №7.