Environmental management system

VIZ-Steel’s environmental policy is based on production efficiency with minimal environmental impact. The environmental policy is a statement defining the Group’s long-term process safety and environmental priorities across its geographies.

Policy goals

  • Maintain the high level of environmental performance.
  • Comply with best international environmental and resource management practices.
  • Be an industry leader in environmental performance indicators.

Policy principles

  • Environmentally responsible approach to plant and equipment operation, upgrades, renovation and construction.
  • Compliance with Russian and international environmental regulations and requirements.
  • Mitigation of environmental risks.
  • Transparancy and accessibility of information about NLMK Group companies’ environmental initiatives and impact.

Most NLMK Group companies are compliant with international environmental management standards

In 2012, the Environmental Management System at VIZ-Steel was certified as compliant with ISO 14001:2007 by BSI (British Standards Institution). In 2015, the Company successfully passed the recertification audit, and the certificate validity period was extended until 14 September 2018.