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Recycling water system

VIZ-Steel has the first zero discharge water system in the world’s ferrous metallurgy that was designed and implemented in 1973, during the construction of the cold rolling mill. When the closed water use cycle excluding completely any discharge into water bodies was put into operation, the issue of environmental safety was resolved for the production facilities of electrical steel located on the bank of the Upper Iset Pond, the main source of drinking water for Yekaterinburg.

Thanks to the closed water supply technology, water used in the production process is cleaned and returns to the production cycle. The return water ratio is 95%, while the city’s average is 65%.

Thanks to the high level of development of the return water supply system, the storm water basin of the water treatment plant drains to the Iset River storm water and residual water only. The actual drainage of effluent water does not exceed the statutory limits and accounts for 0.03% of the total volume of pollutant effluents in Yekaterinburg.