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Environmental performance

  • Atmospheric protection
    Atmospheric protection
  • Sustainable management of water resources
    Sustainable management of water resources
  • High recycling rate
    High recycling rate
  • Energy efficient production
    Energy efficient production

The Company’s environmental activities include conservation of water resources, air and soil protection, waste management and continuous environmental monitoring.

VIZ-Steel consistently implements advanced technologies and conducts programmes in order to reduce the impact to the atmosphere. VIZ-Steel’s share in total air emissions volume does not exceed 0.25% of the total volumes of emissions from Yekaterinburg fixed sources of pollution. The plant’s emissions are below the maximum permissible level, which guarantees compliance with all the sanitary requirements.

VIZ-Steel employs industry’s first zero-discharge closed water supply system. The closed water supply system designed and installed during the construction of the cold rolling shop in 1973 prevents any discharge of plant effluents to water bodies. The plant re-uses 95% of process water vs. the city average number of 65%.

The sophisticated closed water supply system helps ensures that the storm water drainage is only used to discharge to Iset river run-off and residual waters. The actual effluent discharge is within the fixed limit and does not exceed 0.03% of the total volume of pollution discharge in Yekaterinburg. Water treatment facility is being upgraded to prevent effluent discharge altogether.