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Personnel development

VIZ-Steel sees investment into the professional growth of its employees as a prerequisite for the Company’s long-term competitiveness, dynamic development, an increased value of its human capital; and, ultimately, the increased fundamental value of the company as a whole.

Vocational training as part of personnel training and development system is carried out throughout the working life of each employee in order to build the necessary knowledge and skills as soon as possible, and then to expand them continuously. VIZ-Steel has the license for education for 66 professions.

High-quality professional training provides the level of employee qualification necessary for solving professional challenges. It also increases employee loyalty, forms a favourable social and psychological climate in the workplace and has a direct impact on the development of corporate culture.

5,1 m
RURinvested in the comprehensive talent development programme

Main areas of development

  • Professional mentoring
  • Professional training
  • Versatility training
  • Development programmes for all types of professional activity.
  • Shaping and training of the talent pool
  • Top management training

Employee training system is designed to meet the individual need of departments and specialties, modern requirements for the qualification of personnel.

Professional mentoring is the most important stage of new employees onboarding process. It allows saving and transmitting the internal potential of the professional knowledge accumulated in the Company.

Mentors from among the heads of departments, foremen, and supervisors assist their mentees in navigating the professional environment, determining the direction of improvement and developing the individual training programme taking into account the selected direction.

In order to develop the professional and personal competencies of teachers and industrial training instructors, VIZ-Steel implements a comprehensive educational programme "Mentoring Academy", which includes workshops and practical training sessions.

Talent Pool focuses on the members of the staff, who have passed certain tests and qualify as high potential employees who have the required capacity to perform the duties of their immediate leader.

Employees from talent pool enjoy

  • Development courses
  • Training in higher and secondary educational institutions at the expense of the Company
  • Pre-training and certification
  • Internship in the capacity they are qualified for

VIZ-Steel sees it extremely important to improve the prestige of working professions, develop technical creativity, encourage the employees to improve their labour productivity and qualification. To achieve these goals annual skill competitions take place, which are an important part of the employees training system.