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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Energy-saving technology in manufacturing processes

VIZ-Steel is committed to making high-quality products with minimum costs. To this end, the production efficiency programs are implemented, including the introduction of energy saving technologies for the production processes.

Key strategic elements aimed at improving energy efficiency:

  • continuous improvement of production processes to reduce energy consumption;
  • technological modernization, equipment updating and application of new technologies;
  • improving energy management systems;
  • compliance with laws governing resource consumption.

The company takes certain measures to achieve the above goals by optimizing existing business processes and applying advanced technologies. As a result, the specific energy consumption for the production of transformer steel over the past 10 years has decreased by 20%. 

  Key Energy Efficiency Measures: 

  • Commissioning of the steam reforming plant
  • Replacing air separation equipment
  • Modernization of lighting systems
  • Optimization of equipment operating modes
  • Minimization of losses of fuel and energy resources


  • The cumulative effect of measures taken under the energy conservation program in 2019  - более 11,3  mln rubles.
  • The annual energy saving is about 3600 kWh.
  • Annual heat energy savings -391  gigacalories.

The company's effectiveness in implementing best practices in the field of optimizing energy consumption and sustainable energy consumption was confirmed by the certification of its Energy Management System in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 50001: 2018; the certification agency was BSI (British Standards Institute).