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Students and schoolchildren

VIZ-Steel is interested in a high level of training of its future employees, therefore it collaborates with technical colleges and universities.
passed on-the-job and pe-degree internship in departments and workshop of VIZ-Steel in 2019

One of the priority areas of VIZ-Steel's comprehensive personnel training and development programme is joint educational projects with educational institutions. These projects include all training stages of the future employees in steel industry starting from theoretical training as part of the educational process to working at the plant.

Cooperation with the universities

VIZ-Steel actively cooperates with the industry specific higher and secondary vocational institutions. The main educational institutions that the Company cooperates with include Urals Federal University, Ural Mining-Geological Academy, Institute of Economics and Finance, Ural Power Engineering College, Ural Polytechnic College, Ural Mounting College and others.

Under the initiative of VIZ-Steel higher educational institutions introduce elements of the dual education system. Such learning format implies an increase in practical sessions and an in-depth theoretical study of industry specifics. Two comprehensive theory and practice programmes for students have already been developed that is "Metal Forming”and "Heat Supply and Heat Equipment".

On-the-job internships

Over 90 students did their on-the-job internships in departments and workshop of VIZ-Steel in 2019.

On-the-job internships are an important step in the education of future young professionals. Vocational training of students as part industrial and pre-diploma practice is carried out under the guidance of experienced mentors in two areas - theoretical training and practical training at the workplace. Following a successful internship, many graduates continue working in the Company.