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31 October 2018

Gains from VIZ Steel's employee-initiated improvements exceed RUB 65 m

The employees of VIZ-Steel (NLMK Group) submitted over 200 initiatives aimed at improving production processes efficiency in 2018. 23% of the initiatives were developed to optimize process operations time, and 17%, on non-scheduled downtime reduction. Implementation of the initiatives resulted in over RUB 65 m of economic gains.

Initiatives were one of the tools of NLMK's Production System rolled out at VIZ Steel since 2013. Any employee could develop optimization proposals related to operation of the equipment, energy consumption reduction, products quality and working conditions improvement, and get a bonus.
Employees of all departments could take parts in initiatives developing. Employees of the Energy Management Department were among the most active ones. They providing 70 initiatives. Anton Podchinenov made a record and developed 8 initiatives aimed at process operations energy consumption and labour costs reduction, and improving of labour conditions for those maintaining the technical gases production unit.