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28 August 2019

VIZ-Steel cares about safe working conditions for steelmakers

In the first half of 2019 VIZ-Steel (part of NLMK Group) allocated over ₽15.5m for the measures to reduce industrial risks and create comfortable and safe working conditions.

The cold rolling shop’s fleet of transport facilities was supplemented with a special-purpose machine that applies road median marking, which used to be done by hand. In the finishing area sprang up a rack to control safe loading of steel coils into railcars. The rack for controlling the unloading of pallets was kitted out with anchor-type safety systems that prevent the risk of falling from height.

The lines that emit excessively fine particles into the air were equipped with high-performance dedusters. The slitting process lines were outfitted with air purifiers.

The central plant laboratory and energy department subunits had state-of-the-art fire protection systems installed.

The company developed an up and running system of employee healthcare measures, which includes 24/7 operation of the plant’s healthcare room, serving hot meals, giving prophylactic checkups and free vaccination, etc. Steelworkers are being issued with modern personal protective equipment, overalls and safety boots according to approved issue standards.