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23 May 2019

VIZ-Steel continues to improve grain-oriented steel surface quality

VIZ-Steel has finished equipping its rolling mills with automated strip flatness control systems, which guarantee high quality of steel surface geometry.

Flatness that manifests itself in the absence of ‘buckle’, or ‘wavy edge’ on the strip's surface is an important consumer characteristic of grain-oriented steel. It affects the quality of electric insulation coating at the following stages of grain-oriented steel production.

The company’s mills are equipped with special-design roller systems that lock in the pressure exerted by rolling parts across the full width of steel strip. The received data are then transmitted to a control pulpit so that operators can adjust the mill settings with maximum precision. At present, the parameters are adjusted by hand, but this process will later be automated.

Putting new equipment into commercial operation will help boost the output of choicest products, which will bring the company an annual average economic gain of over ₽20m. Investment in the project to improve the quality of grain-oriented steel has totalled ₽53m.