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9 August 2018

VIZ-Steel continues to modernize bell type furnaces

Leading global GO steel producer VIZ-Steel (a member of NLMK Group) started to implement the third stage of bell type furnaces upgrade - equipment for high temperature flat rolled products annealing. By the end of 2018 18 new thermal stands will be put in operation.

The modern equipment will lower operational losses by 20 %, will increase reliability and wear resistance of thermal equipment. Annealing is one of the crucial technological stages in the production chain as it is during annealing that special magnetic properties of electrical steel are finally formed: The level of magnetic induction, specific magnetic losses.

The programme for replacement of bell type furnaces commenced in 2016 and will last till 2021. It is planned to replace 70% of the facilities in total. Up to now 38 stands of VIZ-Steel bell type furnaces were replaced out of 110. Investments in the 3rd stage - commissioning of 18 new bases - will make RUB 90 million.