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23 September 2019

VIZ-Steel improves workplace safety on the shop floor

VIZ-Steel (part of NLMK Group) has completed the fourth stage in the introduction of an automated heat treatment unit access control system to its cold rolling shop.

Production units are now enclosed by bi-level safety barriers to protect workers against industrial risks Unauthorized personnel access to danger areas will first trigger the sound and light alarm. If they continue to act in an unsafe manner facing a real risk of injury, the second safety level will spring into action and safety interlocks will bring the production line to a forced stop.

The first and second phases of safety-barrier-building were completed around one of the two decarburizing anneal lines (DAL). At the third phase of the project this system was improved by the addition of light barriers with more sensitive laser sensors and surveillance cameras and installed at the head of DAL-2. The addition of the safety technology at the back of the lines signalled the completion of phase 4 of the project.

VIZ-Steel has been using an advanced manufacturing risk reduction technology since 2015. This year the company allocated ₽5.8m for this project. Investment in the project has totalled about ₽36m.

Next year the company plans to put up safety barriers around 180 local elements of the shop’s equipment, which will allow it to prevent the risk of worker injury resulting from unauthorized access to danger areas.