31 August 2017

Viz-Steel selected the Best Nitrogen Production Shift

VIZ-Steel (NLMK Group) announced results of a professional competition among the teams of the Energy Department Gas Production Facility. The competition is aimed at enhancing knowledge and skills of the personnel with regards to  industrial gases production using the air separation method.

Four teams were competing during 2 months, the competition was divided on 2 stages.    In the course of the first stage the jury evaluated theoretical knowledge of the participants.  They were to answer the questions related to nitrogen production process and equipment, as well as about occupational safety and health.   The second stage was devoted to practical skills assessing.  The participants passed PC test that simulated control of an air separation unit.    

Team 4 consisting of the air separation unit operators - Alexey Omelnikov, Sergey Kazantsev, Evgeniy Popov, and a compressor unit operator - Vaycheslav Dorohin, was pronounced the winner.    

All the prize-holders received certificates and financial rewards.

“Till the year end VIZ-Steel plans to hold 7 professional competitions.   About 200 representatives of the plant shops will compete to be announced the "Best in Profession". The HR projects aimed at identifying and rewarding the best of the best to motivate the company employees seek improving of their personal competences level and developing of skills required to resolve professional challenges”, said the Head of HR Department Olga Scherbo.